Class times and levels may need to be adjusted once registration is complete. Classes with low enrollment may be postponed.

Classical Ballet

East Tennessee Ballet Academy’s classical ballet program offers precise instruction from an experienced and professional faculty. Students benefit from small class sizes, individual attention as well as performing opportunities and Summer Intensives.  

Children's Division

2 1/2 - 7 Years


Early childhood developmental milestones are infused into our Children's Division classes. Children develop a love of movement and the arts while practicing cognitive skills, gross motor skills and creative problem solving. Girls and boys develop balance, rhythm and coordination while learning essential social skills and classroom etiquette.


 3, 4  Years

A perfect introduction to the world of Classical Ballet ETBA's Storybook Ballet Class will foster your child's

imagination through Classical Music, Creative Movement and everything Ballet.


                   30 minute class  $35.00      (Add Tap $60 for both)                     

Johnson City

Storybook Ballet        Wednesday                200-2:30   

                    Tap         Wednesday                2:30-3:00



Storybook Ballet         Wednesday                 5:00-5:30 

Girls - Pale pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes

Boys-White T-shirt, black shorts/sweat pants, white socks, black Ballet shoes, black Tap shoes






Pre Ballet brings a focus of good posture and proper alignment. Coordination exercises and simple stretching are

explored as students become familiar with leg rotation (turnout) and more complex movement patterns building up to

work at the barre, center and across the floor.  Student's artistry and creative imagination are fostered as

musicality is emphasized and the French vocabulary and history of Classical Ballet is introduced.  

The Pre Ballet curriculum prepares students for the technique required in Classical Ballet. 



 5, 6, 7  Years                 

One hour class    $60.00 Monthly


Johnson City Studio

Pre Ballet -          Tuesday     4:00-5:00     

Beginning Tap -  Tuesday     5:00-5:45  (Add Tap $45.)

Elizabethton Studio

Pre Ballet - Wednesday 5:30-6:30



Girls Ballet & Tap - Light blue leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers or black Tap shoes

Boys Ballet & Tap-White T-shirt, black tight or shorts, white socks, black Ballet or Tap shoes

Primary Levels

Primary Level classes meet two or more days weekly

10% Sibling Discount



 7, 8, 9 years approximately

Students are introduced to barre work as the details of Classical Ballet technique comes into focus.  

Proper alignment, technical strengthening, the artistry of classical ballet and musicality are emphasized. 


 One class weekly    $60.00 monthly

Two classes weekly  $110.00 monthly

Unlimited Ballet Classes $140.00

Unlimited ETBA Classes  $160.00 


Beginning Ballet 1A - Wednesday     4:00-5:00

Beginning Ballet 1A - Monday          4:00-5:00

Tap 1 -                         Monday          5:00-5:30  (Add $35.)

HipHop -                     Monday         5:30-6:00 (Add $35.)

Johnson City

Beginning Ballet 1A -    Monday          5:00-6:00

Beginning Ballet 1A -    Wednesday    4:00-5:00

Beginning Ballet 1A -    Friday           4:00-5:00

                    Tap 1 -       Tuesday         5:00-5:40  (Add $45.)

         HipHop/Jazz -     Tuesday         5:30-6:00 (Add $35.)

Girls - Black leotard (simple is best, no skirts), pink tights, BLACK leather ballet shoes or Tap shoes 

Boys-White T-Shirt, black tights or shorts , white socks, black ballet or Tap shoes


9, 10, 11 years approximately

1 hr-1.25 hour class weekly  $70.00 monthly

Two ballet classes weekly  $135.00 monthly

Unlimited Ballet classes $200.00 

Unlimited ETBA classes $250.00             

Johnson City Studio

Beg. Inter. Ballet 2B/3      Monday      4:00-5:00

Beg. Inter. Ballet 2B/3.     Wednesday 5:00-6:00

Beg. Inter. Ballet 2B/3      Friday         5:00-6:30 

Hip Hop                            Tuesday      5:45-6:15   (Add $45.)

Tap 1                                 Tuesday.      5:00-5:45.  (Add $45.)

Tap 2                                 Tuesday      6:15-7:00   (Add $45.)

Progressing Ballet Technique is incorporated into some ballet classes.


Elizabethton Studio

Beg. Inter Ballet 2B/3        Tuesday     4:00-5:15

Beg. Inter. Ballet 2B/3       Thursday.   4:00-5:15

Tap 1                                  Monday.     5:00-5:30. (Add $35.)

HipHop /Jazz /Stretch     Monday      5:30-6:15. (Add $45.)

Tap 2                                  Monday.     6:15-7:00  (Add $45.)    

Progressing Ballet Technique is incorporated into some ballet classes.  


Girls - Fuchsia Wear Moi   Style # WM238C  Leotard or similar,  pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes

Boys-White T-Shirt, black tights or shorts, white socks, black Ballet or Tap shoe                      


11, 12+  Years 

One 1.5 hr class weekly  $80.00 monthly

Two 1.5hr. ballet classes weekly  $155.00

Unlimited Ballet Classes $250.00

Unlimited ETBA Classes $300.00

(Minimum 3 Ballet classes recommended for pointe work)


Johnson City Studio

Ballet  Technique               Monday       6:00-7:30

Ballet  Technique w/pte    Wednesday 6:00-7:30

Ballet  Technique               Thursday.    5:30-7:00   

Pre Pointe/Variations        Monday     7:30-8:00                      

Contemporary/Modern    Thursday    7:00-8:00 

Ballet Technique                 Friday        10-11:30             

Ballet Technique                 Friday        5:00-6:30                                        

Tap 1                                   Tuesday      5:00-5:45 (Add $45.)

HipHop/Jazz/ Stretch       Tuesday      5:45-6:15

Tap 2                                   Tuesday     6:15-7:00

Progressing Ballet Technique is incorporated into some Ballet classes.                                                          


Elizabethton Studios

Ballet Technique               Tuesday         5:30-7:00

Pointe,Variations              Tuesday         7:00-7:30

Ballet Technique.              Thursday.      5:00-6:30

Tap 1                                  Monday.        5:00-5:30

HipHop /Jazz /Stretch     Monday        5:30-6:15. (Add $45.)

Tap 2                                  Monday.       6:15-7:00 

Progressing Ballet Technique is incorporated into some Ballet classes. 


Girls  Level 4 - Lilac leotard (Wear Moi  Style # WM238C) or similar

Pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes 

(Matching skirt -Pointe/Variations)


12 - Adult

(1.5-2hr classes w pointe)

One 2 hr ballet/pointe class weekly - $90.00 monthly

Two 2hr ballet/pointe classes weekly - $175.00 monthly

Unlimited Ballet Classes  $280.00 monthly

Unlimited ETBA Classes $325.00 monthly


Johnson City Studio

Ballet Technique                                 Monday     5:30-7:00     

Pointe, Variations                               Monday     7:00-7:30

Ballet Technique w/pte                      Wednesday 6:00-7:30

Ballet Technique                                 Thursday.   5:30-7:00 

Contemporary/Modern*                   Thursday   7:00-8:00   

Ballet Technique. Pointe, Variations  Friday      10-12:00

Ballet Technique                                  Friday       5:00-6:30

Tap 1                                                    Tuesday    5:00-5:45 (Ad $45.)

HipHop /Jazz/ Stretch                       Tuesday    5:45-6:15

Tap 2                                                    Tuesday    6:15-7:00

Progressing Ballet Technique is incorporated into some Ballet Classes                                                     


Elizabethton Studios

Ballet Technique             Tuesday           5:30-7:00

Pointe/Variations           Tuesday           7:00-7:30 

Ballet Technique             Thursday         5:00-6:30

HipHop /Jazz/ Stretch   Monday           5:30-6:15 

Tap 2                                Monday.          6:15-7:00 

Progressing Ballet Technique is incorporated into some Ballet Classes 


 Girls - Pacific Blue leotard (Wear Moi style # WM238, or similar) pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes

 (Matching skirt -Pointe/Variations)

Boys-Black or white fitted dance shirt, black tights, leggings, black socks, black Ballet shoes,


 *Modern/Contemporary - Dancers will need to wear a long sleeve black fitted shirt over leotard.                           Ladies may also wear black footless leggings over their tights for modern/contemporary. No shoes