When a student enrolls for a class it is understood the commitment is for the academic year . 

Tuition is divided over 10 months for convenience August -May and due the first of each month. Should a student need to discontinue a class we will need written notice one month prior to dropping the class. 


An annual Registration Fee per family of $55.00 is due at enrollment.


Monthly Tuition Per Class - a la cart

30 min.      $35.00

45 min.      $45.00

1.00 hr       $60.00

1.25. hr      $70.00

1.5. hr        $80.00

2.00 hr      $90.00  (Includes Pointe/Variation)

Level 1                 Unlimited ETBA classes $160.00

Level 2 & 3          Unlimited Ballet Classes Monthly $200.00     Unlimited ETBA classes $250.00

Level 4 & 5         Unlimited  Ballet Classes Monthly $250.00     Unlimited ETBA classes $300.00    

Level 5 & 6          Unlimited Ballet Classes Monthly $280.00     Unlimited  ETBA classes $325.00

Unlimited Ballet Classes include a students assigned classes and those in the level below.

Example, if a child is in Level 3, unlimited classes include all Level 3 plus Level 2 classes.

Students who attend lower levels in addition to assigned classes tend to progress at a faster rate

Unlimited Ballet Classes also include pre pointe or pointe where aplicable, variation classes and progressing ballet technique conditioning classes.


Unlimited ETBA Classes include Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Pointe & Variations plus Modern (or Creative Movement), Tap classes and Progressing Ballet Technique conditioning classes.



SIBLING DISCOUNT - 10% off of overall total monthly fees


Saturday Company Class and Rehearsals - As Scheduled

Nutcracker Performance Fees - $100.00 

Academy 'End of Year" Gala Performance

Students purchase their own costume Gala Performance